1. Remix contest start !! [Force Records]

  2. Nuclear(UK) released DnB mini album “Lifeforms” from Force Records.

  3. FooN “Sabre” released on Beatport

  4. Addicted Squid “Turbidite” Dance music Video now on YouTube channel.

  5. Force Records YouTube channel

  6. iMeiden “SKY WALK” released his track from Force Records (9/JANUARY/2017)

  7. ALice “Tomorrow will be a good day” single album released.

  8. DJ.DAI “Love is” released on Beatport.

  9. DJ.DAI “Free Your Mind” Music Video on YouTube

  10. Dylexia is now A&R working with Force Records.

  11. About this music label “Force Records”

  12. The music label wants your DEMO track for release world-wide.

  13. Welcome to Force Records website.