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  2. Takuma Iwakawa released V.A. Remixes album “Walking with the GOD” from Force Records.

  3. Leosaikusa released “en” hiphop (instrumental) album from Force Records

  4. egokuni released new album “beats” genre – hiphop

  5. kentoazumi released his new album “ambient chill” from Force Records

  6. CRYDITS released “Force” the chillstep album

  7. Electron.Mashiro released “Unseen Reach” single album from Force Records

  8. Shawn Yokota released “Goodbye” single album from Force Records

  9. Soda Sphere & pepensow released “Ruined” from Force Records

  10. 女性声優ボイスサンプル集リリース

  11. KOKI KUNITAKE released “To Start Again” from Force Records

  12. DJ.DAI – DJmix 20170613 (YouTube Video)

  13. Fetus DJmix vol.1 (YouTube Video)

  14. Dylexia released “Forget me” single album

  15. Nerdy boy released “Lycoris” the Progressive House album

  16. [FreeDownload] House of Tapes “JUMP UP” release from Force Records

  17. CRYDITS released Melodic Progressive House album “Sunset Glow” from Force Records.

  18. Hiroyuki Komagata released his Post Rock album “GARDEN” from Force Records.

  19. Soda Sphere released ambient chillout music album from Force Records.

  20. Melodic Progressive House wanted !応募待ってるよ!

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